After Eight Mint

0:35am 6th September 2005

Something has got to be pretty interesting to convince me to delay sleep, and statistics can often be that thing. Again with minty Shaun-Inman-flavoured news, my site is now sporting spinkee new Mint statistics logging. All the hype pointed to a release date of tommorow today (it is after midnight, after all), which left me rather flatfooted when it was released early, just minutes before I was planning to get an early night's sleep. Anyhow, heres a preview of my first ever Mint-tracked site hit (mysql, depressingly): Preview of Mint stats The interface really is lovely, although I'm a little tentative in proclaiming the wonders of Mint, the reasons for which can await a post at a later date when I am more awake.

The installation gave me a few troubles, from quickly scouring the code trying to hunt down my problem, I realised that I needed the ALTER priviledge set up for my SQL user to install ‘Pepper’ (modules). There is currently no feedback on problems like this, it repeatedly told me it was installing fine. The only other problem was the slightly jarring feeling when you first load up the stats, the default pepper was unloaded, causing slight worry.

Finally though, I get to return to beautiful sleep. Writing Pepper will have to wait.

Update: There are few Mint-inspired icons available at